It seems to me that most people do not use the services of psychotherapists simply because they are not aware of this perfect opportunity. On the Internet you can find so many questions to psychologists – people who passionately want to change something in their lives are randomly looking for answers and tips on the network, not even knowing that there is such a great tool, as psychotherapy. But in my opinion this is not the only problem of the popularization of psychotherapy. Here are the other main reasons that prevent clients from making the first step:

1) The belief that psychotherapy is expensive

Firstly, the one who wants would always find an option. There are social centers, young professionals, discounts for Skype counselling and so on. And secondly, what else to pay the money for, if not your own happiness?

2) Ironic attitude to psychotherapists

Indeed, in films and TV-shows sometimes you can find a psychotherapist-weirdo. We saw a lot of videos on Youtube about strange people who try to treat people in unusual ways. We also can often see a “typical” spoiled client who does not know what to do, so he or she decides to visit a counsellor. If you are at the mercy of such stereotypes, just be aware that they are no more than a successful illusion of the world of cinema and hilarious youtube video.

3) The belief that people go to the psychotherapist only when “everything is really bad”

But isn’t it better not to bring yourself to this? If there is a little trouble in your life, isn’t it better to resolve it and move on right away?

4) Not wanting someone to “teach you how to live”

I often see this kind of fears. There are beliefs that psychotherapists are”shrinks” or “quacks”. But why don’t you have the same skepticism towards tax advisors or doctors? Do they also “try to teach you, how to live”? Psychotherapists are the professionals who have some skills and theoretical knowledge in particular area. They can share some knowledge with you or use the skills to help you. It’s only your choice whether you want to use this new information.

5) Fear and uncertainty about how to behave at the first meeting

I would like to inform you that the therapist understands your fears. On the one hand, he is also worried before meeting with a new client. On the other hand, he certainly will accept these feelings and may even help to react differently to similar situations in the future. Well, you go to a psychologist, after all!

6) The inability to formulate the first request

In fact, only few people come to the first meeting with a clear request. Actually, understanding your expectations and desires can also be a possible request to consider.

So, if something of the above stopped you before, take responsibility for your live and make a first step!