Is it true that all psychological problems started in our childhood? According to the theory of transactional analyst Pamela Levin, at different ages children face various development challenges that determine the basic needs and behaviours of children. Knowing this, parents can help children develop harmoniously and to perform tasks that are part of these challenges. Unfortunately it is often the case that due to external circumstances, education, or simply the harmful behaviour of parents, some children fail to learn the skills at each developmental stage. This may lead to psychological problems in adulthood.

To learn more about your own potential “problem ages” do the following questionnare. It will help you identify the most likely problematic period and give you a brief description and some basic guidelines for taking care of yourself in order to compensate the detected issues.

The situations detected below are clues for returning to different stages of development. Please read each and choose a “+”, if such a situation (state) often appears in your life, or “-” if i does not not. Do not leave any questions out.

If you are interested in this topic, read more in the books of Pamela Levin and Jean Clarke, transactional analysts materials or special trainings. Consult your therapist if necessary.

The test is made up of clues to return to a certain stage of the works of Pamela Levin, Jean Clarke and article from Family Issues.

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