mapPeople who have moved to another country for permanent residence (especially to a different cultural and linguistic environment) often experience specific difficulties connected with their adaptation:

-constant fatigue


-frequent quarrels with family members




-feeling lost

Additionally, things which seemed to be simple at home (such as paying bills and looking for a job) require much more attention and inner strength in a new environment. This can result in a feeling of emptiness and helplessness.

The constant worries that happen during this process can be summed up with one question: “How am I going to live in this country?”

In an almost child-like way, we have to learn how to live again. This is a very global challenge.

We are no longer children now, and there are no “parents” to help us now – adults who can help us with their wise advice, listen to us, and inspire confidence in us.

That’s why a professional therapist’s support is especially important for immigrants. I am ready to provide all of my knowledge in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and transactional analysis, as well as my personal experience, to help you find your place in life, harmony, and inner freedom.