In today’s culture, the first tool that people go to when they want to change their lives is the internet. I don’t know whether this is good or bad, it’s just the way it is. At first, people look for answers to their questions on search engines, blogs, and forums. Very few of them are ready to trust a psychotherapist at this point without any prior consideration. From this perspective, psychological workshops serve as an excellent step for anyone to continue working on their personal issues. On one hand, these workshops aren’t a full psychotherapy session, but on the other hand, topics of concern can be raised with an expert who will guide you and answer all of your questions.

In addition to providing exposure to the possibility of changing ourselves, workshops provide very specific and useful information. These events usually have clearly defined topics and a work plan that is open and clear for everybody. Those who attend these sessions know ahead of time what they are going to receive and how they will be able to apply this new knowledge in practice – in their real life.

The third indisputable advantage of attending workshops is the ability to meet other people who are experiencing situations that are similar to yours. Everyone can share experiences, hear new ideas, reassess their own situation, and simply widen their contact network. In this environment, everyone is free to be as open as they want.

In general, psychological pieces of training consist theory-based lectures structured around a given topic and subsequent practice. It is a process which applies the theory to real life, adapts it to a social environment, and examines it in great detail.

Since the therapeutic effect of workshops are much smaller than a psychotherapy session, and they are focused more on a conscious influence to a particular area of life, the rules for attending workshops are much less strict than those for psychotherapy sessions. You can go with your close friends or family to workshops to improve relationships, get on the same page about an issue, or just spend quality time together.

In general, psychological workshops provide only benefits to the participants.