Stages of child development and parents’ supporting behavior (in terms of Transactional analysis) – workshop on the theory of the development cycles of Pamela Levin


The workshop is designed in such a way that it will be useful and interesting not only for parents and those who are planning to have a child, but also for those who want to understand themselves better.

During this two-day training, you will:

  • Get acquainted with the concept of Development Cycles by Pamela Levin
  • Learn about the typical behaviour of children of different ages
  • Learn the basic child development tasks
  • Try to give correct support messages not only to children but also to yourself and other grownups
  • Hear and discuss examples of the harmful and beneficial behaviour of parents at each stage of child development
  • Will see the difference in the basic styles of parenting
  • Try to state supporting messages correctly
  • Analyze your own development in the context of TA
  • Sort out your own beliefs about what does being “good parent” mean
  • Be able to discuss your own experience
  • Spend time in a safe and relaxed atmosphere

I tried to collect the most useful information on the topic and prepared a lot of exercises to bring the theory closer to your life.

This training is designed for 10 hours (usually takes two full days).

Trainer – Ganna Konoplianyk


“Anna, thank you for hosting the training! I received a lot of useful and needed information. The theoretical and practical parts are well-balanced. I liked a structured material. Using the information from the training, I now better understand the child’s psychological characteristics based on the cycles of Pamela Levin. The training helped to react to kid’s behaviour correctly and to avoid hysterics. Thank you very much for the good training! “
Victoria Rogatsevich

“The program is solidly composed: children problems, the problems of parents, signals, why parents can’t do something and how to overcome it. Clearly defined form and content – training was in a clear framework. Speech was unobtrusive, not a directive. Location and conditions were excellent (which is important). Price is low (thank you, I will consider this as a gift)
There was lots of new information. I like the structure and the system! Take note! Program does not intersect with any method, i.e. doesn’t repeat but emphasizes the good part of the parent from the adult position. Thank you!!!”

“Thank you so much for the training. I enjoyed it very much. Good presentation of information. I like that I can use towards myself and with my child. I am very glad that I came to the training.”